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Welcome to class 3LT at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mrs Turney, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Happy Blogging!

Books for you to read online

3LT, we’ve read 745 books on Epic! during lockdown. It’s amazing so a big well done to you all. I think we should aim for 1000! Here are some books I’ve assigned to you. They link to the learning we would have done in school this half term…I added the ‘What in the world?’ book as I thought you might find it interesting. It certainly sparked my curiosity. I hope you enjoy! If you haven’t done much reading recently, here’s a reminder below on how to get set up. www.getepic.com

Eid henna

Khadija and her family celebrated Eid over the half term and look at how fabulous their henna creations were. I love the detail of each of these pieces – what a wonderful talent. Khadija also managed to fit in some work on TT Rockstars which is great! Well done Khadija!

Rock snake

Harley took part in a community project, helping to create a Rock snake. The Co-op on Nursery Lane have organised this for children to take part in. What another creative idea to build in our community. Have you taken part in this? Or created your own rock paintings?

Stay safe

Liam and his sister Miya has made a colourful poster reminding us to stay safe and spread the colour. It’s lovely to see these in people’s windows as you go for a walk. Have you made any posters? I’m happy to share them on our blog if you email them to me.

The Greatest Women….I wonder if Miya will appear in one of these books in the future?

Miya has continued her baking this week by making pineapple upside cake, chocolate chip cookies and home made ice lollies.   In addition to this she tried to make slime with Jai, but unfortunately on both occasions it failed, but they will persevere and try again.

Finally, she has found great enjoyment from reading series of books about the Greatest Women who did amazing things.  Her favourite women so far have been Anita Roddick (Body Shop), Mary Anning and Jane Austen.

Dig for Victory

Mrs Wake set a brilliant task as part of the VE Day celebrations. Your posters were fantastic!

Well done to (in order of posters) Ewan, Tommy, Reuben & Riya!

#potatoesforschools #potatoes4schools

Challenges galore

Reuben took on a great challenge this week which was given to him in his report. It involved chocolate which may explain why he was so excited! Reuben has also been busy learning to touch type after seeing his mum type so fast and is reading the Hobbit! Great work Reuben!