3LT learned a little about Spain and then went to our school cafe to make their own paella! We used vegetables grown from the school garden and had a great time revising our chopping skills and tasting the fruits of our labour.

I’ve attached the recipe – it’s really simple to make so if you have a go at home, please send me some pictures.

4 thoughts on “Paella!

  1. I liked chopping the vegetables!I loved tasting the paella because i loved it plus it was so nice that I ate all of it! 😋🤩😍

  2. It’s amazing what you lot will eat at school…..vegetables and rice? I can’t wait for Laira to make it for me to test if the vegetables are still as tasty ha ha!

  3. The paella looks good on the school blog but please can you make the sheet more clear to read because I can’t see the writing .👌

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