Murton Park

3LT had an amazing time on Tuesday, travelling back over 500,000 years to pre-history. They were part of the Mammoth Tribe and had to work together in ‘families’, making sure the barley was milled and collected, animals were hunted, beaker pots created and created a Stone Age catalogue.

My mini maths

3LT – Today we have been working on adding using the column method. Here is a maths challenge for you to have a go at home. Post your answers below and you will get 3 House Points if you get them correct. You can work them out on scrap paper at home. Don’t forget to put your name on!

Making Stone Age spears/axes

3LT were given the task of making a Stone Age spear! They had to use their knowledge to decide which materials would be appropriate, find them from outside, draw and label their design and create it. After that, they evaluated their spear and thought about how to improve it, went outside to get more/different materials, make it again and then evaluate it!