Let’s celebrate!

Learner of the Week for showing resilience is Grace Senior. She has persevered with her writing so much this half term and produced some excellent pieces of work.

Writer of the Week is Leesha for working with flair and producing an excelling non fiction paragraph on Walruses!

Science week 2019

To celebrate Science Week we investigated how to get an object that was frozen in ice, just like the children from our class novel Ice Palace. Some children tried melting the ice with warm water, some tried smashing it and some children tried scraping it with different objects.

Feet first…o

We have spent the morning making sure we’re properly equipped for our journey into the wilderness. We’re going on an expedition tomorrow to the frozen north to find a meteorite. We have made ourselves some snow shoes to spread our weight on the ice and snow. Tomorrow, we will have a visitor from the ‘ Royal Geographical Society’ to brief us on our mission…we’ll keep you updated!

Shadows in Science

This half term, we have been learning about light and dark. We were investigating whether a shadow could change size and if so, how? To make it a fair test, we used the same torch and object but changed the distance of the light from the object…what do you think? Does a shadow get bigger or smaller when an object is closer to the light? How does this happen?